Centric takes a human centered approach to solving problems using technology and design thinking. We specialize in immersive and branded experiences, bringing ideas and people closer to each other through physical and social space, platforms and devices – so those ideas and products can become a seamless part of our lives.

Based in “The OC”, we are a group of nerds, design freaks, and storytellers that came together to build something greater than ourselves. Along the way, we were fortunate enough to have worked at some of the world’s leading companies, met some very smart people, and designed some cool stuff.

the brain

The Suits & The Creatives

Danish Ahmed / “The Danish”

His parents must have liked breakfast or he must have been born in Denmark because they named him Danish. The truth is that “Danish” means wise in the Persian language. A cereal entrepreneur (sorry, breakfast inference again)…a serial entrepreneur, Danish started his first company at the age of 14. Now he’s on to a bigger lemonade stand.

Shais Khan / “Khanfucius”

The Khan, no relation to Genghis, is our fearless leader. He is known for his eccentric ideas that can be either ambitious or downright crazy. In all seriousness though, The Khan got started in the media business at a young age with Captive Audience Marketing, a company he co-founded while in high school. A few years later, after attending the USC Marshall School of Business, The Khan became a suit and went into management consulting and investment banking, where he developed a practice of leading change in large industries and globally recognized companies.

Kesean Turner / “The Masterkey”

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